Middle Bass Island Ohio

"The Great Lakes are a diamond
On the hand of North America
A brightly shinning jewel on the friendship border ring
Fresh water highway
Coming down from Canada
All around the coastline
Can't you hear them sing"

Shel Silverstein / Patrick Houston Dailey
Your Link To Middle Bass Island
Established 2009
Middle Bass Island Ohio is located in the Wester Basin of Lake Erie.  One of 23 Islands in Lake
Erie located 1.3 Miles North of Put in Bay.  

Marina, Transportation, Restaurants, Cottage Rental and Construction services for all of Middle
Bass Island will be found on this site.  

Additional services, local events and others items will be published to the site.  

What I have heard is:
       The general store has been sold
       Burgandy Bay ran out of water during Memorial Day
       The Sonny S is being run by the Boardwalk
       Someone got kicked out of the fire department

What I think:
       PIB draws in some dirt balls
       Hard to go to the bay without spending $100
       The weather has been good
       That the Miller Boat Line should have a 6AM Monday boat for Middle Bass